Every Californian’s Guide To Estate Planning: Wills, Trust & Everything Else

Every Californian's Guide To Estate Planning: Wills, Trust & Everything Else

Finally, an Estate Planning Guide Written by and for Californians Every Californian’s Guide to Estate Planning helps you understand the basics of leaving money and property to loved ones and charities, naming a guardian for children, and planning for beloved pets―with a special focus on issues unique to making an estate plan in California, like: how state community property rules affect inheritance and taxes how to minimize capital gains for those inheriting high value real estate legal and tax rules that apply to non-citizens and U.S. permanent residents important issues for international guardians, trustees, and executors how to make sure your heirs don’t lose a low property tax rate, and how to avoid California’s slow and expensive probate system through options such as transfer-on-death deeds. With Downloadable Worksheets Includes access to essential worksheets that help you get started on writing a will, preparing a trust, choosing a guardian, leaving money to kids, naming beneficiaries, choosing agents for your health care directive and power of attorney for finances, doing a personal inventory, and more on Nolo.com (details inside).